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SAMADANA/M is a Non-Governmental organization that is committed to promoting and implementing programmes in the field of non-violence, peace-building and conflict resolution. The name “SAMADANA’ and ‘SAMADANAM’ are words in the Sinhala and Tamil Languages respectively that stand for peace or peace giving

A group of people who underwent training on Non-Violent Conflict Resolution in the years 1992 and 1993 through the workshops held by Quaker Peace and Services, understood of the need to promote the concept of Non-Violence, as the country was moving more and more towards a violent culture. In the first few years, this group met regularly in an informal manner and talked about non-violence and its importance. They conducted a facilitators training programme and several NVCR workshops. The need for greater organizational commitment and the protracted conflict in the country eventually led to the initiation of SAMADANA/M on September 11th, 1993

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