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TAF Project

Project Locations: Kandy, Kurunagala, Kegalle, Galle, Hambantota, Trincomalee, Batticaloa , Ampara, vavuniya, ect. (All island project)
Project Description:
The project ‘’SL – CAF ‘’ (Sri Lanka Civil Society Action Forum) supported by The Asia Foundation
intended to contribute to advancing the core themes of the SAGP such as increase public sector
accountability and transparency, promoting civil society participation and media and strengthening
democratic institutions and practices. Overall, the project also contributed to strengthening the rules of
law as well. This project was implemented in 20 districts covering all the 9 provinces of Sri Lanka for a
period of one year from 2021-2022. As a part of this project Samadana/m has formed 20 SL – CAF

societies in relevant districts and has provided in-depth trainings and workshop to capacitate the civil
society. Various types of community engagement activities such as mobile clinics, press conferences
and awareness programs were conducted by capacitated SL – CAF members throughout the project
implemented period. Even after the completion of the project, these SL – CAF groups are functioning as
community activists in their respective areas and fulfilling a great mission to the society is an indication
of the sustainability of the project.
In addition to that, a group of citizens’ journalists enhanced their capacity to expose and deal with cases
of violations of public accountability and transparency and rule of law. As a result of this, number of
innovative media platforms were created by the project and enhanced civic engagement and
community participation towards pressurizing institutions for democratic practice

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